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Red Light Photo Enforcement Program:

The City of Newark instituted Project Red Light in November 2009 and since then we have installed cameras at 19 specifically designated intersections across the community as a way to make City of Newark streets safer. Nationally, the economic impact of red light running on society is estimated to be $14 billion annually.  In New Jersey, more than 500 people are killed on roadways every year – which equates to more than one person every day.  Red light running is one of the major causes of collisions, deaths and injuries at signalized intersections in the United States.


Two years after the start of Project Red Light the safety benefits to City of Newark are promising – the data collected from these intersections is showing driver behavior is changing and as a result streets are becoming safer.  Total crashes at the Project Red Light intersections have dropped 36%. Additionally, severe right-angle crashes, which are directly attributed to red light running, have been reduced by 42%.  Same direction crashes, such as rear-end collisions, were reduced by 25% - which refutes the idea cameras lead to an increase in rear-end crashes. 

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