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Mission and Purpose

The Newark Fire Department is committed to reducing the loss of life and property of Newark citizens through recognized firefighting and emergency services.

The department is divided into the following divisions:

  • Administration, which provides financial and management support to all divisions in matters involving payroll, purchasing, budgeting, and general administration and provides strategic planning and information technology to all divisions.
  • Community Relations, which serves to strengthen the rapport between the Fire Department and the citizens of Newark by providing speakers to address civic organizations, schools, business groups, and others to inform them of fire prevention methods and safety practices in home, school, and business.
  • Construction and Maintenance, which maintains and repairs the department's fire alarm and telegraph system, which includes 800 private and public fire alarm boxes, signal consoles in fire stations and a 25-square mile area of overhead and underground cable.
  • Emergency Management, which assists the Fire Director; coordinates and delivers emergency disaster control services; and investigates emergencies involving hazardous material spills and other related matters in coordination with the Hazardous Materials Response Division.
  • Fire Prevention and Life Safety, which seeks to reduce the loss of life, property damage, and injuries from fire incidents through building inspections, code enforcement, construction plans review, fire safety education, and coordination with the Hazardous Materials Unit.
  • Fire Signal System Operation, which receives alarms, dispatches units, conducts all emergency radio communication, and controls the status and movements of all emergency units.
  • Firefighting, which responds to fire emergencies and other incidents to minimize life and property loss when fires or other emergencies occur.
  • Hazardous Materials Response, which enforces HAZ-MAT ordinances, inspects businesses and companies that use or store hazardous materials, and responds to hazardous material spills for mitigation of emergencies and dangers to the environment.
  • Investigations, which investigates suspicious fires and malicious acts and helps apprehend and prosecute perpetrators and conduct Internal Affairs investigations as necessary. Background investigations and residency checks for potential recruits are also performed under the internal affairs activity.
  • Operations, which receives alarms, dispatches units, conducts all emergency radio communications, controls the status and movement of all emergency units, records all alarm activity and radio traffic for future reference, regularly tests all alarm circuits, and coordinates special requests for emergency response from other agencies.
  • Photography and Media Liaison, which responds to and photographs various fire situations such as investigations, inspections, motor vehicle accidents involving Fire Department apparatus, and promotion and awards ceremonies; also contacts and releases detailed information to the news media.
  • Special Operations, which manages the increasingly diverse array of services offered by the fire department and is responsible for hazardous materials response; marine operations, including the fireboat and SCUBA Team; confined space, technical, and collapse rescue; large-scale foam operations; vehicle extrication, and any other operations outside the normal realm of firefighting.
  • Training, which conducts an ongoing training as mandated by state and federal law to provide the highest quality training and education for members of the Newark Fire Department, other city agencies, and the general public.

Become a Newark Firefighter

Follow the application instructions and mail the completed form to:
NJ CSC Fire Exam M9999M
P.O. Box 785
South Amboy, NJ 08879-0785

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2010