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Environmental Health



The Environmental Health Division of the Department of Child and Family Wellbeing provides comprehensive delivery of inspection services, investigations, and education programs to citizens and consumers in order to assure a healthful and protected environment.

The Environmental Health Division includes the following units:


  • Animal Control, which picks up stray dogs and cats; provides services for citizens concerning their sick, injured, or unwanted animals; picks up stray or injured wildlife throughout the city; and responds to all animal complaints.
    (973) 733-6294 


Dog Laws


  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, the Childhood Lead Poison Prevention and Healthy Homes Program is a comprehensive children’s indoor/outdoor environmental health program that focuses on the  health and safety of a child’s home. The program is designed to help prevent childhood lead poisoning and exposure to health and safety hazards that lends itself to upper respiratory problems, asthma triggers, trips and falls,  and electrical shock safety. This program is the first of its kind to educate residents first on how  living amongst a  health or safety hazard can have a  negative  impact of your health and safety. The program’s primary  purpose is to educate and then remediate any hazards that are identified either through the program’ s lead abatement funds or its healthy homes funds.

    The programs goal is to get Newark’s residents with children under the age of 18 to start to modify their behavior, and start   thinking about what conditions are in their home that may be effecting  their health and safety daily. The program will teach  residents  to take action by doing small things that have a huge impact  on children’s  ability to thrive and become more focused and productive in school , without any interruption from hazards in their homes that impedes  upon their over-all mental and physical health.

    (973) 733-5323

       Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention System

Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant Information

Mosquito Control (English)

Mosquito Control (Spanish)

  • Food & Drug Bureau, which inspects all schools, restaurants, delicatessens, grocery stores, indoor and outdoor festivals, street vendors, supermarkets, and any other type of food industry servicing or storing food or beverage in the City of Newark and responds to all environmental complaints.
    (973)733-3734 (speak to a Food and Drug receptionist)   OR   (973) 733-7570 (forwarded to the call center) 


     Bed Bug Prevention

  • Lead Safe House, which provides housing in a lead-safe environment for children with elevated blood lead levels, their families, and guardians until such time as their current residence can be made lead-safe. Families are provided with other services during their stay, which include WIC, immunization and nutrition seminars, lead prevention, and childcare instruction.
    (973) 733-5323


  • Rodent Control, which exterminates all city-owned vacant lots and exteriors of city-owned vacant buildings, baits all catch basins throughout the city, provides assistance to all residents concerning the exteriors of their properties, supplies educational material on rodent prevention, and responds to all complaints.
    (973) 733-7955 
  • Weights and Measures, which inspects every establishment in the City of Newark that has a measuring device (scale). These establishments include gas stations, laundromats, indoor and outdoor fruit and vegetable markets, all delicatessens, grocery stores, and supermarkets. Randomly weighs all prepackaged goods throughout these establishments.
    (973) 733-6274


  • View Food and Drug Inspection Reports. The division of Environmental Health is the principal agency charged with monitoring program regulating establishments, institutional food sources, and environmental health services to Newark citizen in order to assure a healthful and protected environment in the city. The reports would reflect the details for each month/year.