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Social Services


The Social Services Division of the Department of Child and Family Wellbeing provides quality services to Newark's children and senior citizens through new technology; by collaborating with agencies; by identifying resources for funding new and major and/or existing programs; and by providing educational training for staff and community.

Social Services Divisions includes the following units:

  •    Newark Office on Aging, which is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing service
       delivery to ensure the wellbeing of Newark's elderly. Services provided include transportation services
       (van transportation to senior centers; coach bus rentals for one-day group excursion; and special
       transportation for food shopping, recreational activities, mall shopping, and medical appointments); and
       social services including referral and information concerning financial needs, health nutrition housing,
       protective services, and other social. Additionally, this agency operates services seven multipurpose
       senior centers.

  •                     Location

                        94 William Street,
                        1st Floor
                        Newark, NJ 07102
                        Contact: Philip Orlando, Program Coordinator
                        (973) 733-4392

  •     Newark Office of Children, which acts as the liaison for childcare centers throughout the City of
        Newark on all daycare and childcare issues. Services provided include Child Development Associate
        (CDA) training and family Daycare provider training. Additionally, the office provides information and
        referral services to all Newark residents relating to daycare, childcare, and children's health care.

  •                     Location
                        110 William Street
                        Newark, NJ 07102
                        Contact Rosa Langston, Program Coordinator
                        (973) 733-7976


  •    Newark Nutrition Project for the Elderly, which provides well-balanced nutritious meals to the
       senior citizens who are at least 60 of age and the disabled. The project currently operates 13
       congregate nutrition sites in the City of Newark located in all five wards. The project also provides
       meals-on-wheels to the homebound elderly.

  •                     Location
                        94 William Street
                        Newark, NJ 07102
                        Contact Vernell Williams, Project Coordinator
                        (973) 624-2166

  •    SuNup Food Program, which consists of two feeding programs that provide nutritious meals for
       children in the City of Newark:

        1. Summer Food Program: This program provides breakfast and lunch during
           the summer months to children who reside in the city and
           are between the ages of 0 and 18.

        2. Childcare Food Program: This program provides
          snacks and/or dinners to any nonprofit organization
          that offers afterschool activities to children between the
          ages of 6 and 12. It also provides two main meals and a
          snack to daycare centers with children between the ages
          of 2 and 5.

                        94 Williams Street
                        Newark, NJ 07102
                        Contact Elizabeth Rainey
                        (973) 733-7608