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Municipal Departments execute the policies and initiatives of the Mayor and the Municipal Council.  Use the listings below to access contact information and learn more about the important role the departments play in the delivery of services.

The Department of Administration

The Department of Administration directs, facilitates, and assists municipal departments and agencies in delivering services to Newark residents, businesses, and visitors as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Office of the Business Administrator
920 Broad Street, Room 205
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Michael E. Greene, Esq.
Assistant Business Administrator
Office of the Business Administrator
Room 210, City Hall
(973) 733-6666

Darlene Tate
Budget Director
Office of Management and Budget
Room 109, City Hall
(973) 733-3840

Adam E. Cruz
Purchasing Director
Division of Central Purchasing
828 Broad Street

Dorian Herrell
Office of Emergency Management
480 Clinton Avenue
(973) 733-3669

Kecia Daniels
Personnel Director
Division of Personnel
Room 212, City Hall

Seth Wainer
Chief Information Officer
Office of Information Technology
Room 113, City Hall
(973) 733-3217

Division of Office Services
Room B-1, City Hall
(973) 733-6453

The Department of Health and Community Wellness

The mission of the Department of Health and Community Wellness is to provide and advocate for comprehensive health care, social, and environmental services for Newark citizens and other consumers to ensure an optimal level of health and well-being.

Hanaa A. Hamdi, PhD, Director
The Department of Health and Community Wellness
110 William Street
(973) 733-5310

Marsha McGowan, Director Of Personal Health Services
The Department of Health and Community Wellness
Div. of Surveillance & Prevention
110 William Street
(973) 733-7592

Peter J. Dillon, Jr., Director
The Department of Health and Community Wellness
Div. of Environmental Health
94 William Street
(973) 733-4315

Deborah Edwards, Assistant Director of
Personal Health Services
The Department of Health and Community Wellness
Div. of Health Planning
(973) 733-6430

Dr. Kathyann Duncan, Interim Medical Director
The Department of Health and Community Wellness
Medical Care Services
394 University Ave
(973) 877 6170

Office of the City Clerk

The purpose of the City Clerk, as mandated by New Jersey State law and local ordinance, is to provide complete administrative support to the Municipal Council, including budget and legislative research,  maintenance and access of official city records, and performance of other administrative functions such as certain licensing requirements. The Office of the City Clerk is also responsible for the conduct of municipal elections and carries out the ministerial and statutory requirements for primary and general elections.

Kenneth Louis, City Clerk
Room 306, City Hall
(973) 733-6574

Kathleen Marchetti, Deputy City Clerk
Room 309, City Hall
(973) 733-7578

Jerusha Schulze
Administrative/Legislative Services
(973) 733-3802

Edith Gil
Records Management
(973) 733-3669

Jose Da Silva
(973) 733-5607

Randy Mantion
Manager, Fiscal
(973) 733-4847

Sonia Carvalhoso
Marriage Bureau
(973) 733-3835

Cheryl Coxson

Department of Communications

The Department of Communications reports to the Mayor’s office and oversees external and internal communications, public relations and events, brand identity, and communications/marketing strategy for the City of Newark. The Department also manages the branding and direction of city of Newark website and NewarkTV government access channel.

 Communications Office Staff:

  • Felipe Luciano – Communications Director
  • Marjorie F. Harris – Press Secretary
  • Taquan Williams – Chief of Staff
  • David Lippman – Senior Press Information Officer
  • Brenda Jones – Senior Press Information Officer
  • Angela Daniels – Press Officer and Assistant to the Director

Contact the City of Newark

Contact the Press Information Office
City of Newark Office of Communications
920 Broad Street, Room 214
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Submit a Press Inquiry:  Please submit any press inquiries for the Mayor or the City of Newark in writing via email at

Request an Interview:  All interview requests with the Mayor must be submitted in writing and sent to

Send an Invitation: All invitations for the Mayor must be submitted in writing and sent to

Connect with the City of Newark

Connect with the City of Newark’s official social media pages for information on how Mayor Ras J. Baraka and his administration are working to transform Newark into a city we can all believe in. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook, to get the most up-to-date information about upcoming events and opportunities, catch up with the work Mayor Baraka and his team are doing on Instagram and check out our Flickr page for photos of exciting events happening across the city!


The Department of Economic and Housing Development

The mission of the Department of Economic and Housing Development is to create economic opportunity for Newark residents and enhance the vibrancy of our city. To this end, the department seeks to position Newark to take advantage of its unique assets, including its strategic location, a diverse and underutilized workforce, a large amount of developable land, concentration of corporate and business service firms, several major universities, and a wealth of arts and cultural assets.

Baye Adofo-Wilson, Director
Department of Economic and Housing Development
Room 218, City Hall
(973) 733-6575

Ade Afolabi, Zoning Officer
Office of Boards
Room 112, City Hall
(973) 733-6684

Alicia Munoz, Acting Rent Control Officer
Office of Boards
Room 113, City Hall
(973) 733-3675

The Department of Engineering

The mission of the Department of The Engineering is to improve, maintain, plan, operate and repairs the city infrastructures. The department is also responsible for improvements and enhancement of roadways, traffic and transportation, public buildings, municipal parks, and the City’s automobile fleet are among the major responsibilities and tasks carried by the Department of Engineering. Through strategic planning and quality management, we ensure that our facilities provide citizens and constitutes of Newark favorable and safe living conditions, saving energy and improving the quality of their lives.

Phillip Scott, P.E. Director
920 Broad Street, Room 412
Newark, NJ 07102

Jack Nata, Manager
Division of Traffic and Signals
255 Central Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07103

Van Crossen, Manager
Division of Motors
233 Wilson Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07105

Khalif Thomas, Manager
Division of Public Buildings
920 Broad Street, Room B31
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Neil Mitgard, Construction Official
Office of UCC, Building Division
920 Broad Street, Room B23
Newark, New Jersey 07102

The Department of Finance

The Department of Finance oversees the city’s assets and protects its resources for Newark citizens. In this way, the department supports the City of Newark’s overall mission to provide security and opportunities for economic prosperity to all of its citizens and to create an environment that is nurturing and empowering for families.

Led by the city director of finance/chief financial officer, the Department of Finance provides fiscal policy recommendations to the mayor and Municipal Council and is responsible for all financial activities and functions of city government. This includes paying all employees; paying all vendors; collecting all revenue; investing all idle funds; billing all taxes; recording all receipts, expenditures, and other financial transactions; preparing all financial reports; and raising all capital funds on behalf of the City of Newark. The department is also responsible for the city’s assets and resources, including investments, revenues, budgetary appropriations and expenditures, and fixed assets.

Danielle A. Smith, Acting Finance Director/CFO
828 Broad Street, 5th Fl.
(973) 733-3930

Eric Adams, Assistant Finance Officer(ADD)
828 Broad Street, 5th Fl.
(973) 733-8841

Paul Barton, Assistant Municipal Treasurer
Division of Treasury
828 Broad Street, 5th Fl.
(973) 733-3970

Victor Moneme, Acting Comptroller (ADD)
Division of Accounts and Control
828 Broad Street, 4th Fl.
(973) 733-6414

Ernest Turner, Tax Collector
Division of Revenue Collections
Room 104, City Hall
(973) 733-4799

Romal Bullock, Tax Assessor
Division of Assessments
Room 101, City Hall
(973) 733-3950

Kevin Waters, Pension Fund Supervisor
828 Broad Street, 2nd Fl.
(973) 733-5447

Juanita Jordan, Manager
Division of Tax Abatement and Special Taxes
B26, City Hall
(973) 733- 3770

Newark Fire Department

It is the mission of the Newark Fire Department to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of the City of Newark during all emergencies and disasters, whether natural or man-made.  We will maintain and uphold the integrity of our neighborhoods through effective emergency management, fire prevention and public education.  We will effectively and efficiently utilize all available resources to provide service deemed excellent by the people.

James Stewart, Director
1010 18th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107
(973) 733-7424

John G. Centanni, Fire Chief
1010 18th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107
(973) 733-5187

The Law Department

The goal of the Law Department is to provide exemplary legal services and achieve urban transformation by addressing the legal challenges facing the City of Newark in a professional, ethical, and cost effective manner. The Law Department is comprised of a cadre of attorneys specializing in corporate counsel, civil litigation, labor, real estate and tax, contracts, and worker’s compensation, as well as the prosecutors who make up the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office. The department also leads the Victim/Witness Advocacy Program, which assists individuals who have been victims of or witnesses to crime.
Vivian Sanks King, First Assistant Corporation Counsel
Larry Crump, First Assistant Corporation Counsel

Department of Law
Room 316, City Hall
Newark, NJ 07102
T. (973) 733-3880
F. (973) 733-5394

The Department of Neighborhood and Recreational Services

The mission of the Department of Neighborhood and Recreational Services is to provide services that promote a clean, safe, and attractive city. The department also ensures that diversified recreational and cultural activities are developed and implemented for all citizens of Newark to enjoy.

Patrick Council, Director
920 Broad Street, Room 216
Newark, NJ 07102

Amos Crudup, Assistant Director
920 Broad Street, Room 216
Newark, NJ 07102

Joe Monteiro, Deputy Director
920 Broad Street, Room 216
Newark, NJ 07102

Thomas McDonald, Manager
Code Enforcement
920 Broad Street, Room 216
Newark, NJ 07102

Obalaji Jones, Manager
Division of Recreation
94 William Street, 2nd Floor
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Kim Greene, Manager
Division of Sanitation
62 Frelinghuysen Ave, Newark, NJ 07114

Richard Kirkland, Manager
Division of Parks and Grounds
920 Broad Street, Room
Newark, NJ 07102

Cathy Lenix-Hooker, Manager
Division of Watershed Development
233 Echo Lake Road
West Milford, New Jersey 07840

Newark Police Department

The Newark Police Department is entrusted to protect and serve the residents of the City of Newark’s by securing neighborhoods, business districts and municipal assets. The Police Department not only combats crime and maintain order, but strengthen substantive relationships with with resident, neighborhood and business organizations.

Click to visit the NPD website NPD Homepage

Eugene Venable, Police Director
Anthony Campos, Chief of Police

Police Headquarters
480 Clinton Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108
(973) 733-6007

2nd Precinct
1 Lincoln Avenue
Newark, NJ 07109
(973) 733-6080

3rd Precinct
649 Market Street
Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 733-6190

4th Precinct
10 17th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103
(973) 733-6060

5th Precinct
480 Clinton Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108
(973) 733-6070

Detective Bureau
(973) 733-5400

The Department of Water and Sewer Utilities

The mission of the Department of Water and Sewer Utilities is to provide safe drinking water to all Newark customers and provide the safe conveyance of waste water to the treatment plant.

Andrea Hall Adebowale, Director
Department of Water and Sewer Utilities
920 Broad Street, Room B-31F
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 733-6303
(973) 733-6578

Customer Service (Account Information, Final Reads, etc.)
(973) 733-6370
(973) 733-6396
(973) 733-6397
(973) 733-6479
(973) 733-6483

Meter/MXU Repair and/or Replacement
(973) 733-8023
(973) 733-3964
(973) 733-6399
(973) 733-5366
(973) 733-5615

24 HOUR Customer Service
Water Infrastructure Repair & Maintenance
(973) 733-3654
(973) 733-3655
(973) 733-3715

Permits and Inspections
(973) 733-3896
(973) 733-8151

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