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Fall 2016 State of the City Semi- Annual Report


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Office of Arts, Cultural Development and Tourism


To enhance the lives of all citizens of the City of Newark and beyond by providing an organizational structure through government access to assist in enhancing arts and cultural initiatives; and

To assist in providing programming and activities to enhance, increase and maintain an active and viable tourism industry; and

To bring financial resources, human resources, and material resources together under the umbrella of the Office of Arts, Cultural Development and Tourism in providing services, activities, event planning, media access, and general oversight for arts and cultural initiatives for the City of Newark


Educational institutions, for-profit business, non-profit business, faith-based organizations, community/financial/social/civic services, individuals and associations of like interests within the City of Newark, its environs and beyond


The development of coordinated and standardized policies to assist in creating, nurturing, and giving aid in support of arts and cultural activities for the citizens of Newark and beyond; and

The cultivated collaboration of the traditional arts and cultural organizations in the City of Newark and beyond along with additional industry services through television, cable networks, radio, motion pictures, video, social media, other digital platforms; and

The development of arts and cultural initiatives to enrich the lives of all Newark citizens and beyond by serving as an economic engine and a formal institutionalized system in fiscal support for the City of Newark; and

The promotion and enhancement of a Tourism Trade that will stimulate a cultural economic enterprise for the City of Newark.

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New Zoning Ordinance and Fee Schedule

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Acting Course Contact:
Europe Harmon

Past Events


The Honorable Ras J. Baraka has designated the month of October as Poetry Month: Read, Write, Recite. Poetry as a tool in interactive literary enhancement is our objective. This cultural initiative is designed to use the art of poetry to foster public speaking and delivery while helping to develop performance, writing and critical thinking skills and self- confidence. We want to engage the entire community through faith-based organizations, schools, businesses, social groups, recreational services, social and public media, cultural and arts groups and all other possible mediums where anyone can share written and spoken-word poetic literature.

Read, Write, Recite
Let the world hear your rhymes, feel your rhythms and be touched by your words… your genius

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Gwen Moten
Executive Director
The Mayor’s Office of Arts, Cultural Development and Tourism
Newark City Hall
920 Broad Street, Room 200
Newark, New Jersey 07102
(973) 733-6400 or 3599

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