RFPs and RFQs

Requests for Proposals and/or Requests for Quotations as issued by the various Departments and Offices of the City of Newark are available for download under the following links:
Office of the City Clerk
Economic & Housing Development
Health and Community Wellness
Neighborhood and Recreational Services
Water & Sewer Utilities

Low Bid Opportunities

The City of Newark frequently has occasion to entertain quotes for products and or services, the awards for which are determined strictly by the Lowest Bidder. Advertisements for these opportunities can be found HERE.

Doing Business with the City

Firms both large and small have equal opportunity to sell their goods and services to the City of Newark to help meet the city’s needs. The Newark Division of Central Purchase oversees the management and operational effectiveness of all city departments, ensuring that quality goods and services are procured in the right quantity on a timely basis at the lowest cost to the city.

Use the following form to register your firm to receive Requests for Proposals from the city via email. Be sure to identify the departments with whom you wish to do business.

Vendor Registration Form

For additional information about doing business with the City of Newark, please write, call, or visit:

Central Purchasing Division
828 Broad Street
3rd floor, Finance Building
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 733-3776

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Vendor Opportunities

In 2006, new legislation was enacted in the State of New Jersey that changed the way New Jersey municipal and government county agencies acquire certain goods and services. Known as the “Pay-to-Play” law, these statutes are designed to regulate political contributions made by for-profit businesses that have or are seeking government contracts.

In essence, the law stipulates that a local government entity cannot award a contract of more than $17,500 to a vendor who has made a political contribution in the past year unless a fair and open contract bidding process has been used. Additionally, vendors that are awarded such contracts are prohibited from making political contributions during the term of the contract, beginning at the award date.

Furthermore, for-profit business entities that have received $50,000 or more through government contracts in a calendar year must file a Business Entity Annual Statement (Form BE) electronically with the New Jersey Campaign Financing and Lobbying Disclosure Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) to report contract information and report able contributions it has made. These annual disclosure reports are due each year on March 30th.

Contracts that are awarded through fair and open processes – that is, that are publicly advertised in newspapers or online sufficiently in advance of the contract and that are awarded as part of a process that provides for public solicitation – are not bound by the pay-to-play restrictions.

City of Newark Paid Sick Time Ordinance and Frequently Asked Questions

The City of Newark would like to inform our city’s employers of the City’s Paid Sick Time Ordinance, and remind them that the Ordinance becomes effective on June 21, 2014. The Ordinance requires all private sector employers with 10 or more employees working in The City of Newark to provide up to five days of paid sick leave per year. (For more information regarding The City of Newark’s Paid Sick Time Ordinance, including how much sick leave employers must provide, how employees can use the sick time, and penalties imposed on employers for violating the Ordinance, please see ordinance HERE).

By June 21, 2014, employers must notify employees of their rights and obligations under the Ordinance in two ways: (1) by providing individual written notice to each employee and (2) posting notice of such rights in a conspicuous location around the workplace. With respect to the posting requirement, The City of Newark Department of Child and Family Well- Being (“the Agency”) recently prepared a “Frequently Asked Questions” document about the Ordinance. This document is available HERE. Employers should post the notice for employees by June 21, 2014.

In terms of the written notice requirement, the Department has not issued a model notice, so we recommend preparing a written notice that incorporates the key terms of the Ordinance. Employers should also adopt the key provisions of the ordinance into their employee handbooks.

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Nextdoor is a free and private social network created specifically for your neighborhood. Join us as we build a... | Tweeted On: Nov 25, 2014

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