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What is QLife


QLife is an ambitious platform launched by Mayor Cory Booker to communicate the City of Newark’s commitment to establish, enhance, and protect quality of life in Newark. Newark’s first major municipal branding campaign, QLife defines what its citizens said they see as priorities for their city, enabling Mayor Booker to quickly and effectively align the priorities and objectives of his administration accordingly. The constituent-centered communications platform also allows Mayor Booker to communicate his vision and operational objectives in terms of the specific quality of life benefits they promise for those who live, work, and play in Newark. But more than a brand, QLife also represents the structures, processes, and programs that Newark will begin to implement as a way of creating a citizen-centered government.

Benefits of QLife

The benefits of QLife are many. First, it provides a clear means for citizens to gauge process in Newark and a new way for them to understand and relate to their city and its services. It also organizes the city’s priorities into digestible clusters that correspond to constituents’ expressed priorities. Finally, it helps create a clear and consistent overarching municipal message that communicates to citizens all of what city government does.

Innovation in City Government

The implementation of QLife also defines new ways of approaching the many issues, challenges, and opportunities in each of the five priority areas. Specifically, QLife takes inventory and assesses the programs, channels, processes, and structures of all parts of Newark’s government divisions to find the best way to assure consistency, efficiency, cost savings, and delivery of information and services.

QLife also erases any ambiguity about city government’s roles and responsibilities for Newark citizens and delivers new ways and channels to inform, educate, and enlist understanding and participation. Through the QLife initiative, the City of Newark pledges to develop strategies to provide for ongoing constituent participation, engagement, and input and to communicate its own agenda and operations through relevant, credible municipal messages delivered via highly efficient internal governmental and external outreach and infrastructure.

The development of the QLife communications program and architecture is designed to reach employees, residents, community organizations, faith-based groups, businesses, and educational institutions and to establish a governance brand for the city based on efficient delivery of constituent benefits in key priority areas. In each priority area, QLife will allow the City of Newark to clearly and effectively answer for constituents, “What is the city going to do and how does it benefit my quality of life?”